Case Study 1: Sumerian/Assyrian Asteroids

This is the Sumerian Theme analysis of an American client who had a very strong Ancient Sumerian/Assyrian Connection.  Due to privacy agreements, I cannot post the natal information but will explain the exact aspects.

Asteroid CHALDEA (313) is conjunct the Ascendant in 24 Pisces. A very rare case, only one in 4000 people have this aspect, and it is a confirmation of a very important lifeline or even multiple lifelines in the Ancient Assyrian region of Sumeria

Pisces is the Sun Sign that is most psychic, and it is very likely that you learned about occult wisdom in this Ancient Assyrian lifeline.

Chaldeans were pioneers in Astrology and Numerology.
Let us check the Sabian Symbols.

The Sabian Oracle speaks thus about your Ascendant and Asteroid CHALDEA:
“A Religious Organization Succeeds In Overcoming The Corrupting Influence Of Perverted Practices and Materialized Ideals”.
A clear pointer to your role in an occult order that may have worked against the established order of that time. The lesson in this lifeline is to assert spiritual truths and spiritual wisdom against false doctrines or any organized religion or cartel or even false political movement.

Asteroid INNANEN (3497)  is exactly trine CHALDEA, indicating that you may have even learned  in a temple dedicated to her in any region of Ancient Sumeria.  It is likely that you have had 2 lifelines in that epoch, one in very ancient Sumeria, and the latter in Chaldea.

Asteroid SUMERIA (1970) conj IC is exactly sextile Asteroid BABYLON (15417), this further emphasizes multiple lifelines in that rich historical epoch.

Mercury is exactly square SUMERIA.
Sabian of Mercury: “A Royal Coat Of Arms Enriched With Precious Stones”. It is possible that you were or still belong to a very noble or even royal heritage. It is very likely that you had political differences with Sumerian royalty in that past lifeline.


Several other Asteroids explain the Sumerian Theme.  Asteroid GILGAMESH represents  the ultimate human hero of the Ancient Sumerian scriptures.

Here I will digress to a “hero theme”. We have Asteroids OSIRIS, ARTHUR, HERACLES, HORUS, PROMETHEUS  and ACHILLES too which are heroic.  Gilgamesh is one who completes his quest. Should Gilgamesh and Achilles be conjunct, then the  person has a heroic trait with one big flaw, yet he  or she will still complete the task.

Should Gilgamesh and Prometheus conjunct, then the person will gift the reward upon winning to humanity.

Osiris conjunct Gilgamesh could either mean a heroic life in Ancient Egypt which ended in martyrdom or a heroic trait that attracts a Soul Mate [Isis].

Back to Sumerian theme, we have Asteroid ADONIS [1221] indirectly linked to Dummuzi or Tammuz, the Soul Mate of Innana.

We have Asteroid ASHURBANIPAL [7208] representing the powerful King who created the Library of Nineveh.  This would also indicate the Assyrian Location and Timeline.

SEMIRAMIS [584] is another Royal Theme from Sumeria.

Asteroid ISHTAR [7088] is the main female deity of Ancient Sumeria and represents Astronomical as well as astrological wisdom.

Geographical Asteroids include TIGRIS, MESOPOTAMIA and UR.

An aspect like Moon conjunct UR could refer to a specific past lifeline in Ur, or a maternal ancestral link to Ur.

Saturn square Mesopotamia indicates negative karmic debts incurred either in Ancient Mesopotamia or debts because of Mesopotamia [rival nation battles for instance].

Remember to always use tight orbs [less than two degrees]  when interpreting Asteroids.



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Best Interpretations of Asteroids.

Greetings Readers!

In this blog, I will share my experience of Asteroids in Astrology.

We will see real life examples and the results of accumulated research spanning more than twenty thousand charts.

We will see how to look at Asteroids in accordance to their mythological themes, and even see very special cases such as “Star Seeds”.

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